Stocks are Fanged, CHART USDA Corn Surprise
Alan R. Palmer of Walsh Trading - - Thu Oct 11, 2:26PM CDT


I have been covering stocks for the past few months looking for a break. I have been accused in the past of being a pit bear in the nasdaq.

I named my old site after my nickname nasdog. Anyway,I have had many questions regarding the nasdog. That is the genesis.

Two days ago I cited my continual thought of bearish the stocks.

Nasdaq 7684 was a olive line sell. This was a test of the bears souls.

nasdaq 100 hit 2026 olive line sell,this parabolic shooting star.

Always use stops here as I have said time and time again,these fast markets can rip your face off both ways.

SPU Swandive

We need to look at the huge moves here in short periods of time. The VIX, The S AND P, This is where the olive line algorithmic plays to the tune in many different timeframes.

The low in the dow yesterday may represent the low and is a olive line buy. USE STOPS

In these types of markets I recommend going home flat. That way we stick to rules daily and do not need to defend a looser in the morning.

Is this your trader profile. Some people like to cowboy it and be aggressive interday. The olive line can assist with this.

I am happy to set up chart lessons for the individual trader.

could we crash? 33% chance my gut

Then rally and make new highs end of year, not today?

I am looking for those types of moves with the volatility profile.

This is where The olive line can assist.


I have been talking friendly corn. The markets are uo 6-7 cents at present today. The report offers support.

The olive Line has been calling it. Use 3-5 cent stops we are looking at higher corn in my view. 3.695*** next.

The wheat,If we rally the chicago over 530 is a go with scenario

use stops.

cattle liquidation into dec-feb will represent a olive line buy. Call for specific levels. If we break into the levels it is the time to act.

There could be good pattern recognition in the cattle. Always we enter with stops.

Stocks have not closed higher since Trump Emerg text 6 days ago. Signal?

In closing I want to be very cautious about CHINA, It is my personal belief and observation they may be due a crash,mini crash. This weekend. They

have been struggling for some time. This will have effects on the markets in general in my view.

Let the OLIVE LINE assist you. pro or beginner. Too much to cover but game on, is game on.

ARP out " nasdog "

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